Energy Use, Enviromental Pollution, and Economic Growth

Access to energy is one of many ways for any technologically advanced country to achieve higher levels of economic productivity. The need to meet basic human needs and productivity is driving up energy demand and economic development.

However, in order to meet global energy demand, environmentally unfriendly energy sources have been used, which have an impact on climate change due to the emission of greenhouse gases. According to Earth System Research Laboratory (2015), carbon dioxide emissions have increased at a faster rate over the last 36 years (1979–2014), "averaging about 1.4 ppm per year before 1995 and 2.0 ppm per year thereafter." As a result, the Sustainable Development Goal 13 focuses on actions that help mitigate the effects of climate change.

To be simple, the causal nexus between environmental pollution and energy consumption as well as between economic growth and environmental pollution has become a global interest

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